Dust, fume and mist filtration

Alfafilter supplies alternative filter cartridges for dust, air, fume and mist filters. Furthermore Alfafilter supplies high quality gasturbine filters. A short overview of our product range : 

Type 1 cartridges are constructed with steel flanges which you can get in a range of varying sizes and lengths. Alfafilter cartridges can be used in considerable filter plants and dust types. Our filter cartridges can be constructed after the needs of the customer, we can for instance deliver filter cartridges which can stand up to 200 degrees C. The filter cartridges can be delivered with polyester filter material, cellulose (paper) or polypropylene. Type 1
Alfafilter cartridge type 4 consists of 3 or 4 flabby flanges which can be delivered in steel or plastic. The flange construction makes it possible to fit the filter cartridges on either dust or clean surface. Type 4
Alfafilter can supply replacements for the conventional filter bags.. The pleated bags, deliver an optimal filtration within working areas such as: the food industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, power plants and in many other areas. bags
Alfafilter offers a wide range of replacement filters. Alfafilter supplies great quality replacements which fit in your filter plants, this enables your company to save money. dust replace
Alfacell is a high efficient pleated flat filter. The modern compact design is useful in many plants and filtration jobs. Alfafilter can deliver flat filters with high flute heights. The construction of the thin filter secures efficient filter qualities with even a low pressure

Our Gas Turbine cartridges are available in different sizes and of course in series of open filter cartridges followed by a conic filter cartridge. Our Gas Turbine air filters are available in different filter medias such as cellulose, polyester or with our quite unique filter material EN 800GT. The filter material is a synthetic material which consists of polypropylene. The biggest advantage of this filter is that it is 100% waterproof. At a pressure loss in the filter house which reduces the efficiency of the Gas Turbine plant the filter cartridges can easily be washed clean and once again be fitted in the plant Gas turbine filter
Alfafilter supplies a strong and sturdy air filter, which is very efficient. This box-shaped air filter is specially constructed for Gas Turbine plants if the air filtration quality is very important for the efficiency of the gas turbines and the turbo compressors.  dust boxshape
Alfafilter supplies a wide range of bag filters, HEPA filters, prefilters, paint-stop filters,… of great quality suitable for almost every brand. dust hepa

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