Condensate treatment

Alfafilter® condensate drainage and separation systems are used to discharge amounts of liquid contaminants from compressed air systems and for the condensate treatment process which separates the condensate from dirt, oil and hydrocarbons. This treatment allows for the condensate to be discharged into a waste-water system. These condensate treatment systems are made from high grade materials to ensure maximum durability and maximum protection against
ecological contamination.
Alfafilter® offers a whole range of mechanical drains, time-controlled drains and intelligent capacity condensate drains for various capacities and pressures up to 350barg. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed-air losses and minimize the energy demand.

Alfafilter® has a wide range of condensate drains and oil water separators which are designed in accordance to specific compressor capacities. The comprehensive product portfolio offers the optimum device for every compressor type and performance, for every system pressure, and for all operating conditions.
In addition, we offer a whole range of activated carbon fillings and alternative maintenance kits for existing oil water separators from other brands.

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