Desiccant filling

Alfafilter® desiccant bundles are available in different volumes on request.
1-130 kg available in robust plastic containers.
130 kg – 1000 kg available in a combination of metal drums and robust plastic
1000+ kg available in a combination of big bags, metal drums and robust plastic

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WS pearls:
WS water resistant silica gel adsorbents have high capacity and protect other adsorbents and catalysts from water and moisture in a broad range of applications.

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N pearls:
N pearls desiccant has proven to be the best solution for various dehydration problems in small and large compressed air dryers.

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Activated Alumina (AA):
The industry-standard activated alumina desiccant is used extensively in compressed air dryers. Activated alumina is for use in both heated compressed air dryers and heatless / pressure swing compressed air dryers.

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Molecular Sieve (MS):
Molecular Sieve is used to dehydrate air and gases in regenerative compressed air dryers and static drying. Molecular sieves are regenerated by heating and purging.

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